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Social Education and Awareness

For a number of years we have supported an organisation called Reach for Life No Regrets. They run a comprehensive program in schools and youth centres based on life skills, whereby young people are empowered to deal with a changing society, equipping them with all the necessary skills needed to make sound choices.

We do the typesetting and layout of the manuals and workbooks at no charge and arrange the printing of the documents at cost price to assist them in keeping their costs to a minimum.

Margaret Janeke dedicates her time and resources for no monetary gain and is doing an outstanding job with great results.

Please view their website to find out more www.reachforlifenoregrets.co.za

Click here to view our letter of recommendation


We have a waste paper bin in our office provided by Shred-It, in order to dispose of our waste paper effectively. This means that any proofs, test pages or discs we have relating to price lists, brochures, product launches, catalogues and any of other confidential information supplied by our customers is disposed of in a way that no unauthorised person has access to it.

Shred-It collect and empty the bin on a regular basis, they arrive with sophisticated equipment that shreds the contents of the bin on our premises.

This doesn't only ensure confidentiality but also ensures that the waste is sent for recycling to do our bit for the environment.